Abuses of power in business and politics are regularly kept in the dark.

2016: Greenpeace published the restricted TTIP trade agreement, making it accessible to the public here in a reading room at the Brandenburg Gate

Do you know about environmental crimes or dirty dealings with weapons and wish to report this information to Greenpeace confidentially?

Here is an overview of secure ways to communicate with Greenpeace's investigative team.

Environmental crimes are committed in secret, but people who were somehow involved in the circumstances are aware of them. Witnesses often take personal risks as they face conflicting loyalties to an employer's (or someone else's) interests and their own conscience. But it's important to make such information public.

That's why it's our top priority to protect whistleblowers. This website describes various communication channels and gives instruction on their use to help you contact Greenpeace anonymously and securely.

2016: Greenpeace activists project texts of leaked TTIP documents on the German Reichstag building. (© Daniel Müller / Greenpeace)

Please do not commit a crime yourself when you gather or pass on information.
The following options for contacting us are secure in different ways. Which way would work best for you? We reply through the same channel you use to contact us.



Sending a letter by ordinary mail is considered very secure. If you choose this option, we suggest you post your letter from a public letterbox.

Our address
Greenpeace e.V.
Hongkongstraße 10
20457 Hamburg,



Signal is a easy-to-use messenger service. You can relay messages, images and documents with end-to-end encryption. Even Signal operators can't access the content of sent messages. Your telephone number is stored only when you register and when you last dialled up. Messages on sender and recipient devices are erased if you activate the "Disappearing Messages" setting.

Our Signal number is: +49 (0)175 6136309

This number is exclusively a Signal contact. You won't be able to call or text us with this number.



Threema also enables very secure encrypted messenger communication. In contrast to Signal, Threema users don't have to share their mobile phone numbers to contact each other. We as recipients see only your Threema ID when we receive your message. If desired, this is not linked to your identity or mobile phone number.

Our Threema ID is: JPWS M7A5


Upload File

Via our upload server, you can upload evidence and other documents directly onto our specially secured server infrastructure. For particularly sensitive contexts, we recommend first downloading the Tor Browser and then visit tipps.greenpeace.de within it.



TOR Browser